Posted by: worldofwillwalton | April 12, 2010

Sedona: Boyton Canyon

While in Sedona, we also did another great hike in Boyton Canyon.  It was beautiful.  While we were hiking, a group of musicians climbed up into one of the cut-outs in the rock and began playing flutes.  It filled the entire canyon with beautiful, serene music!  It was truly spectacular!  It was an out and back hike.  We made it almost to the end (about 2 hours) when Will decided he was done being in the backpack.  So we turned around and headed back.  Not soon after, Will began to scream and continued until we got to the car.  The canyon that was once filled with beautiful music, was now filled with our screaming child.  He was echoing off of all of the rocks.  What took us 2 hours to get in, only took 50 minutes to get out.  🙂  

Boyton Canyon

Boyton Canyon


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