Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 29, 2010

Vacation Fun

So obviously we are back from vacation and we have a lot to share, so their will be intermittent blog posts about vacation.  It takes a long time to upload pictures to the blog, so I won’t be adding too many, but you can always check out all of the pictures on snapfish: 

Anyway, here goes the first of many vacation blogs . . . 

Needless to say, vacation started out with a bang, just not a beep.  We were to get up at 4 am because we needed to be in the car NO LATER than 5am.  We have a 45 minute drive to the airport, parking in long-term, shuttle bus, check-in and bags, through security, gate check strollers, all to be ready for 6:35 boarding.  Time was tight from the beginning. 

I set the alarm for 4 am and crawled into bed at midnight.  The next thing I knew, Jim said, “Baby, we have a problem.”  I sat straight up, dazed and confused, as I saw the clock . . . it was 5:14 am.  I looked at the alarm and it was set for 4 pm.  Why was I in charge?  I haven’t set an alarm in months.  oops!  🙂  So we both took showers, got dressed, finished packing, cleaned the house, loaded the car, grabbed breakfast, got Will, and were driving down the street 18 minutes later!!  I put on makeup in the car while Jim drove faster than I will admit in print, and we were parking 25 minutes later.  After running to catch a shuttle bus, we made it safely to our gate with just enough time to change Will and get him dressed for the day before they called for pre-boarding.  Perfect timing!!  

As usual, Will was a rock star!  He did awesome on the plane.  It didn’t seem to bother his ears at all.  He was a little fussy at the beginning, but as soon as I fed him, he fell asleep and woke up much happier.  Jim and I were happy to land in Phoenix and know that we had made it, both in regard to time and Will.  We picked up the rental car and headed up to Sedona.  

Our resort was beautiful and after checking out the amenities, we headed to the grocery store to load up on yummy food for the week.  The weather was in the 70s and sunny, so we enjoyed just sitting outside and taking it all in.  What a great first day on holiday! 

View from our room.  Will was happy to be there!

View from our room. Will was happy to be there!

Will and I were checking out the pool and hot tub.

Will and I were checking out one of the pools and hot tubs.

Should we be afraid?

Should we be afraid?

Team Walton was happy to be on holiday!!

Team Walton was happy to be on holiday!!



  1. All those pictures of rock formations reminded me of that geology class at JMU! It’s so good to see that having a baby didn’t slow you down in the least. So many new mommies don’t even leave the house. Glad that you had a great trip with the family…here’s to many more!!!!!

    • That’s so funny! Everytime we go out west, I talk about that geology class. 🙂 Yeah, we have tried to keep up all of the fun even with a baby. It’s just harder financially now. 😦 But I’m with you . . . to many more!

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