Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 1, 2010

Moving on up . . . to the North side


Well, it is official.  Our house is up for sale.  Jim has wanted to move since I quit my job.  Last summer I didn’t think it was feasible for several reasons . . . 1. I wasn’t about to pack up our house and unpack a new house while I was 9 months pregnant.  2. I quit my job . . . how could we afford to move?  3. See #1.  4.  We love our house, our neighborhood, our friends, and our cheaper area.  5.  See #1.   After I pleaded my case, Jim backed off.  After the new year, Jim renewed his desire to move.  His reason is to cut down his commute from an hour plus to 15-20 minutes.  He would also like to get a bigger house.  With the addition of Will to our team, we have found that we are quickly out growing our house.  Not to mention that we plan on expanding our team to include a few more members before it is all said and done.  But the argument that got me was his shorter commute.  We would love to have Jim home with us more!  Will and Jim only get about an hour of together time each night before it is bath and bed time.  During that hour, we are trying to scarf down dinner.  Jim would love to spend more time with Will during the week.  He would also love to sleep in a little bit later.  He has made this commute for 7 years and has earned a break!  🙂  Unfortunately with the economy, we are not going to get as much out of our house, but hopefully we’ll be able to get a good deal on another house.  We are looking to move to the north side of the city and have already found a couple of good contenders.  We’re hoping that the house will sell while we’re on vacation, so please keep your fingers crossed!!

Our house has it’s own website, but it won’t be fully functional until March 5th.

Will wanted to make sure that we packed him!!

Will wanted to make sure that we packed him!!

Will was helping his daddy declutter and thin out the closet for "staging" the house.

Will was helping his daddy declutter and thin out the closet for "staging" the house.


  1. I am so excited for all of you! You can put air holes in that box and send Will to me!!!!!!! Love you!

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