Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 28, 2010

31 weeks / 7 months

Will is now 31 weeks and 7 months old.  He is getting so big.  It is hard to believe how fast he is growing.  We are thankful every day for what a good boy he is.  He is such a happy baby.  As his parents, nothing makes us happier than to think that he is happy and healthy.  Currently, his favorite toy is our sweatshirt strings.  He loves to chew on them.  He also enjoys pulling his socks off and chewing on them.  🙂

31 weeks

31 weeks



  1. Just think of all the money on toys you can save!!!! 🙂 And where on earth have 7 months gone?!!!!!!!! I love you!!!

  2. He’s starting to look different! His face is filling out and he is getting even cuter, if that’s possible. I hardly recognize the tiny baby I met months ago!

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