Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 8, 2010

First Solids

Will had his first rice cereal on Sunday.  We’ve got some work to do learning how to actually use the spoon, but he seemed to like the taste.  We ended up using 2 different kinds of spoons, and the second one seemed to work a little bit better than the first.  It is a little bit deeper.  As he gets better at eating, his food will get more firm than it was yesterday.  Right now, it is extremely runny.  Truly, it is more milk than cereal.  We had 2-3 bites left before Will became impatient and wanted to be done.  I think it was just taking too long.

"Seriously mom, what the hell are you about to do to me now?"

"Seriously mom, what are you about to do to me now?"

First official bites:

Starting to get a little bit better:

Really getting the hang of it:

New spoon seems to work better:

Monday, we did not have any success.  Will was having a rough day and just wanted to be held.  Five seconds into sitting in his highchair, he started screaming.  I tried just getting a little bit on the spoon thinking that if he knew what was coming, he would stop crying and eat.  That was a major fail!  He almost made himself throw it up, he was screaming so much.  We’ll try again today.



  1. I would also scream if you were spooning mushy rice into my mouth while I was strapped into a chair! 🙂

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