Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 4, 2010

Hiking Practice

We plan on doing a lot of hiking around the red rocks in Arizona on our upcoming trip, so Jim decided to test out the backpack carrier.  Will seemed to not mind it . . . for the 5 minutes he was in there.  The real question will be, can Jim climb up and down the ladder in Antelope Canyon with Will on his back?  To be determined!  🙂

Antelope Canyon . . . here we come!

Antelope Canyon . . . here we come!



  1. Hi — I’ve been in both Upper and Lower Antelope several times — mostly in Lower since it’s my favorite place on earth. I think you’ll be able to take the carrier in OK — it may be tight in spots but the stairs should be fine. You might consider starting at the end instead of the beginning. Except for the first set of stairs you must go down, the rest of them will be going up. My son took a large format camera and a large tripod — and while it was a challenge, he made it! Have fun!

  2. Okay, you two have officially lost your minds!!!!! Can anyone spell DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!! You are going to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. Lord, where did I go wrong?!?!

    • We are totally with you. Will should at least have a helmet.
      Thank you

  3. Now it makes sense to me why Will was crying in the previous picture; it was his reaction when you told him that you were going to be climbing up and down a ladder into a canyon with him on Jim’s back!!!!!

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