Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 3, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Will seems to do most things at his own pace, and I am fine with that.   I do not stress over milestones because I am enjoying Will as he is.  Unfortunately, the one thing that Will seems to be doing early is suffering from separation anxiety.  I go to my mom’s group every other Friday, and Will has gotten kicked out the past two visits.  In fairness to him, the first time he was kicked out was not entirely his fault.  They didn’t put him down for a nap when he first got there, so the boy was exhausted.  To top off his exhaustion, the room was SUPER hot, and my little boy HATES to be warm!  But last week, he was rested and full, so there should have been no problem.  That was not the case.  He screamed and screamed, but as soon as they came and got me and I took him, he stopped.  Clearly, nothing was wrong with him, so I kept giving him back.  Thus began a vicious cycle.  Ultimately, I just had to bring him in my room with the adults because he wanted no parts of the women watching him.  At the end of the group, I went back in the room to get his stuff, and he took one look at the women and started crying.  This past week, Will has started to freak out if he is on his play mat or playing in his crib and he can’t see me.  As long as I am within eyesight, he seems to be fine.  I talk to him while I am out of view to reassure him and let him know that I haven’t abandoned him, but it doesn’t make a difference.  Hopefully this phase will pass quickly!!

You would think that something is wrong with him, but . . .

You would think that something is wrong with him, but . . .

as soon as he sees me, he's fine.  :(

as soon as he sees me, he's fine. 😦



  1. I know it’s not funny, but it made me laugh! He loves his mommy and thinks she’s pretty neat, so he wants to be with you! (You can remind him of this when he’s a teenager and wants nothing to do with you!)

  2. Take advantage of it now—Ethan is 6 and has recently stopped snuggling and is getting so independent……sad for mommy!! Eat it up now!!!

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