Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 17, 2010

25 weeks

Will is 25 weeks old.  His hand-eye coordination has increased over the past week.  Since he has become more aware of his surroundings, he now wants to pick up and grab everything he sees.  Back in the day, he would try to grab something and may land in the vicinity of the object, but now, he lands exactly where he intends to.  We have to watch where we put him if he sits in the bumbo, because anything within arms distance is fair game.  Will also rolled from his stomach to his back last Monday.  It only happened once, but I’m sure it is a matter of time before it is all he does.  I’m in no rush!

25 weeks

25 weeks

Will was wearing his daschund shirt because today would have been Cochese’s 13th birthday as part of Team Walton.  We miss you puppy and love you very much!


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