Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 10, 2010

24 weeks

Will is 24 weeks old.   Unfortunately, the week did not start out well.  Last weekend, Will spent all of his waking hours screaming bloody murder.  We are very lucky because Will is a very easy-going baby, but this was not run of the mill fussiness, it was painful screaming.  When it continued into Monday, I called the doctor.  They suggested that we bring him in to give him a check up.  Unfortunately, my battery died in my car, so I was unable to go anywhere.  Jim had to leave work and come pick us up.  The doctor ruled out many culprits and ultimately sent us home knowing little more than we did when we arrived.  Thankfully, Tuesday things started to turn around.  We’ve pretty much decided he must have had an upset stomach.  We are just so glad that he is feeling better.  On a much happier note, Friday was a very big day for the little man.  Will rolled over for the very first time.  He rolled from his back to his belly.  As soon as he did it once, he did it five more times before it was bath time.  Now it seems as though as soon as we put him on his play mat, he immediately rolls over.  He just needs to learn how to roll back since he doesn’t really enjoy being on his belly.

I’ve said it before, but getting Will’s picture is becoming more and more difficult.  He only has interest in the dog and not looking at or smiling for us. 


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