Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 3, 2010

23 weeks

Happy New Year!  Will is 23 weeks old.  We think that he is ready to cut his teeth any day now.  The drool that we’ve been experiencing the past 2 months or so has ratcheted up a notch, so much so he now has a little rash on his chin.  We try to be diligent about keeping it dry and even have added a layer of vaseline in the morning and at night to help give a barrier, but the drool is persistent.  He’s been a little bit fussier than normal for no apparent reason, but we think it may be related to the teeth.  We even gave him some Tylenol a couple of nights because he seemed to be having a rough time.  Poor little guy.  He also had a couple of nights of not sleeping well, so we think that he may have gone through a growth spurt.  Luckily he seems to have gone back to our good sleeper at night.  He’s pretty much settled into waking during the 11am hour.  I can live with that!! 🙂 

23 weeks

23 weeks


  1. He looks like his daddy, but he sleeps like his mommy! Doesn’t get much better, does it?!!!!

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