Posted by: worldofwillwalton | December 9, 2009

Clear Face

We have been having problems with Will’s face.  Unfortunately, Will inherited my sensitive skin.  For his first month of life, our pediatrician advised us not to use any lotion on Will.  After that we were free.  We started with Johnson’s.  We loved the smell, but Will’s face broke out.  We moved to Aveeno, which our doctor and neighbor recommended.  To our dismay, Will’s face broke out again.  We switched to just using vaseline at night and nothing during the day.  Will’s face again broke out from being too dry.  Fourth time is a charm.  We switched to Burt’s Bees . . . ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!  It doesn’t smell the best, but it seems to be working well on his face.  🙂



  1. And what a beautiful little face it is!!!!! I love you!

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