Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 30, 2009

18 weeks

Will is 18 weeks old, and finally 4 months old.  He has been wiggling a lot more recently  . . . if that is possible.  🙂  We put him down on his playmat and he starts out verticle and ends up horizontal.  We also added more links to the playmat with more things to grab and rattle; he really seems to like it.  On Thanksgiving, LeeAnn let us borrow a tummy time mat, and Will seems to be enjoying that too.  This week he had 2 nights that he slept for 10+ hours.  As usual, we didn’t take advantage of it, but hopefully it will continue. 

Will went to the doctor this morning for his 4 month appointment.   The doctor said that he looked great and was very pleased.  He now weighs 16 lbs, which is the 75 th percentile (up from the 70th %tile last time) and is 23.75 in long, which puts him in the 20th percentile (down from the 25 %tile last time).  So basically, he’s gotten shorter and fatter!  😉  He had the same shots that he did at his 2 month appointment.   This time was worse; he screamed for a long time.  He was really tired; he’d been up for 2.5 hours, which is about an hour longer than he ever is during the day.  I think the tiredness added to the tears from the shots.  We’re home now, and he slept for about an hour and a half.  Poor boy. 

18 weeks

18 weeks



  1. He’s healthy and happy !!! Taller and slimmer will come. What a perfect little man.

  2. How adorable is that picture?!!!!!

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