Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 26, 2009

Day Care

Will and I have been going to a mom’s group, MOPS, since September.  Since Will is so little, I have been leaving him with me in the meeting.  He usually hangs out in his car seat and sleeps.  When he wakes up, I either feed him or pacify him for a few minutes until it is over.  Since Will is now 3 months old, I decided to cut the cord.  I took him to the little day care that they have set up at the group.  All of the kids are broken down into age group classes, just like a real day care and the volunteers take great care of the kids while the moms meet and do our activities.  Will is in the milky way class that is 0-8 month olds.  Friday, I dropped him off and left for the first time.  I was strangely more anxious about it than I ever thought I would be.  It was only for 2.5 hours and I was all of 100 yards away, but I was so sad about having to leave him with strangers.  I guess it was a very SMALL dose of what moms that go back to work have to experience.  So I am taking away how lucky I am to get to stay home and take care of our little angel every day!  Thanks Jim for supporting us!!  Of course Will was absolutely fine.  I walked by one time on the way to the bathroom and peaked in on him and one of the women was carring him, and he was sound asleep on her shoulder.  On my way back, he was down in his car seat sleeping.  After MOPS was over, and I went to retrieve him, he was being rocked by another volunteer on his way back to sleep.  They said he was a very good boy and slept most of the time.  I had no doubt that he would be a rock star; it was more me that I worried about!  

Getting ready to go . . .

Getting ready to go . . .


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