Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 9, 2009

15 weeks

Will is 15 weeks old!  He is continuing to be a drooling machine.  He enjoys blowing bubbles with his drool and chewing on his hands more and more.  He has been talking less these days because he can’t talk and chew on his hands at  the same time!  🙂  He has begun using his hands more and more.  They are now more open and has begun grabbing onto things, whether it be shirts, strings, or burp cloths.  It appears that he is also recognizing Jim and I, both our voices and our appearance.  He will follow us around a room and turn to find us when he hears our voices.  Will has greatly enjoyed his bath since about 2 weeks old, but now he pushes off with his feet and splashes around a lot.  He really seems to be having fun!  Will has also started laughing out loud more frequently.  I thought nothing was better than a smile, but I must say a big chuckle from him might be the greatest joy in the world!!

15 weeks . . . hi-ya

15 weeks . . . hi-ya



  1. He is just getting so big so quickly, and he’s so darned cute! Kiss him for me!

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