Posted by: worldofwillwalton | October 27, 2009

13 weeks / 3 months

Sunday Will turned 13 weeks, and Monday he turned 3 months old.  Will has become a drool making machine!  He has also started talking up a storm.  He’ll coo uninterupted for several minutes.  It is so much fun to listen to him.  He just can’t wait to tell us all of the things that he has been observing for the past 3 months!  He’s still wearing some of his 0-3 month clothes, but he is also into his 3 month clothing.  The 3-6 month clothes will be coming soon!  He is also sleeping a little bit better.  He has now gone 2 nights in which he has slept for 8 straight hours!  Of course the nights were not consecutive, so we have a little bit of work to do. 

13 weeks


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