Posted by: worldofwillwalton | October 1, 2009

Gran & Pap Came to Visit

Last Thursday Gran and Pap came to visit!  Will was super excited to see them!!  He talks to them every Sunday on Skype, but this was the first time they had seen him in person since he was a week old.  They couldn’t believe how big he’s gotten.  Will enjoyed every second he had with them.  They played on his mat and on the screened in porch.  Pap had the magic touch with soothing Will to sleep as well as getting lots of big smiles out of him.  Will loved Gran’s comforting touch, and they had lots of conversations back and forth.  Will had a lot to tell them since he’d last seen them.  They brought him a swing that he enjoyed hanging out swinging around in.  Both Friday and Saturday mom and dad got to go out and run some errands while Gran and Pap babysat.  He did such a good job and loved having his very first babysitters.  While we were gone, Gran and Pap also gave him his first real bottle since the jaundice.  Mom also got to go out with some girls, one of her friends is moving back to VA.  We’re going to miss Brooke!  Gran and Pap helped dad out while I was gone.  Sunday, Will got to watch the Steelers with the whole clan, but he and his Pap hung out and watched together.  Eventhough it was a loss for the Steelers, it was a win for Will since he was with his grandparents! 

Will hopes that he’ll get to see them again soon!

Will with his Gran and Pap

Will with his Gran and Pap


Pap had the magic touch

Pap had the magic touch


Watching the game with Pap

Watching the game with Pap



  1. We had such a great time and we miss Will soooo much. Thanks for everything !!!

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