Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 28, 2009

9 weeks / 2 months old

Saturday Will turned 2 months old and Sunday he turned 9 weeks.  He is getting to be such a big boy.  He is really starting to sleep a little bit better.  Jim wakes up at 6:20am and between 11pm and the time Jim wakes up, we are usually having only one waking.  That is great for Jim! 

Will’s attention span is becoming a little bit longer as well.  He enjoys hanging out on his playmat batting at the animals that float above him.  He also enjoys the outdoors.  Since the weather is finally getting a little bit cooler, we spend a lot of his awake time on the screened-in porch. 

At his 2 month doctor’s appointment, the doctor was very happy with his development.  He now weighs 12 lbs, 12 oz!!  Holy cow!!  That puts him in the 70th percentile!  Since his first doctor’s appointment he was in the 5th %tile, that is an ENORMOUS change.  The doctor was trying to come up with a nice way of saying he was fat and kept pausing and then saying he was “healthy.”  It was funny to listen to him.  He’s now 22 in long which puts him in the 25th %tile.  He really is a big boy!  The nurse called him “solid” and “thick” before she weighed him.  It was just too funny to see their reaction to him.  After he was weighed he decided to pee all over the office table, floor, and my leg.  I guess he was telling us what he thought of us talking about his weight.  🙂   He had to have several vaccines which were grouped together in 2 shots and an oral dose.  In true Will fashion, he was screaming and the nurse put the oral dose in his mouth and he immediately stopped crying and gulped it down.  He loves anything he can put in his mouth and “eat.”  The nurse couldn’t believe how fast he drank it.  Then he had the 2 shots.  His face instantly turned blood red and he began screaming his lungs out.  But it only lasted about 10 seconds.  As soon as I picked him up and talked to him, he quit.  He even gave us a few smiles afterwards, so it couldn’t have hurt too badly.  Since being home, he has been sleeping a lot.  He’s trying to recover from his traumatic day!


9 weeks old

9 weeks old


2 months old

2 months old

Playing on his mat

Playing on his mat



  1. I am just sooooo in LOVE with this little guy! He is so darling, I can’t wait to see him again, until then, kiss him for me and tell him that his DeeDee loves him!

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