Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 24, 2009

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

Ready to watch the game!

Ready to watch the game!

Will was psyched to watch his first regular season Steelers game last Thursday night.  He was already in his pjs, since the game didn’t start until 8:30, but he had his terrible towel bib on ready to swing it around.  Well before kickoff, he fell asleep.  He was due to eat again at 9:30, so we figured he would watch some of the game.  The little booger didn’t wake up until the game was completely over at 12:45.  Mom and Dad couldn’t believe it and were extremely disappointed that we didn’t sleep ourselves during that time.  That is one of the longest stretches that he has slept, and we missed out on it.  😦  It’s okay since we had the Steelers to watch and they won!!  Don’t worry, he made mommy pay for the long stretch of sleep in the middle of the night. 😦

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