Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 11, 2009

Family Fun

Last weekend we made the trip to Richmond to spend some time with the Bagby clan.  Will was spoiled rotten while there!!  There were plenty of hugs and kisses bestowed upon him, and he was LOVING it!  His cousin Peyton did such a good job of taking care of him.  She would check on him while he was sleeping, help change his diapers, rub him while he was nursing, rock him in his bouncy seat, kiss him, and even hold him.  She was such a great cousin.  Peyton was certainly not the only one to take great care of “Baby” Will.  His Dee-Dee always takes great care of him, but she even let mommy and daddy get some extra rest Sunday morning by taking over kid duties for all of her grandchildren.  Eventhough they were up with the roosters in the 5 o’clock hour, I don’t think she would have had it anyother way!  🙂  Thanks Dee-Dee!!  Mae did a great job rocking Will to sleep . . .  maybe she can come down in the middle of the night some days!   We had a great trip and really enjoyed spending some time with everyone! 



Peyton showing her teeth!

Peyton showing her teeth!



  1. Will has traveled more in six weeks than most newborns travel in a year! Good for you!

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