Posted by: worldofwillwalton | August 19, 2009

Bath time

Will is starting to like his baths, which is a good thing.  It is awful when he screams his lungs out for 20-30 minutes.  We’ve tried to make some small improvements to bath time by putting a towel in the water for him to sit on and it seems to be working.  He was supposed to have a bath today, but it had to be moved up to last night due to another trifecta.  The doctor said that we should give him some naked butt time to help his diaper rash heal.  So last night while I was feeding him, we had him be completely naked.  Obiously we put him on several towels and put a small towel over his penis to prevent pee going all over the house.  Too bad when he did pee, the towel got immediately soaked and then went all over me.  Then he started grunting and next thing I know there was poop everywhere . . . see the picture.  And no worries before he was done eating he spit up all over my stomach.  Agh!!!  I am just thankful he was laying on so many towels it didn’t matter.  Needless to say Will got his bath after this mess.  Daddy gave him a mohawk while in the tub, which he seemed happy with.  Then he dried off and hung out in his robe that the Encore teachers gave him.  Personally, he is lucky he’s so cute because if he weren’t I would be pretty ticked off that I end up with so many bodily fluids that are not my own on me every day!!





Sporting his mohawk

Sporting his mohawk


Looking handsome in his new robe

Looking handsome in his new robe


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