Posted by: worldofwillwalton | August 15, 2009


As parents of a little boy, we expect a certain amount of projectiles.  Pee is a given, if you have forgotten, see the post below.  Occasionally we know that we will experience some projectile spit / vomit.  I was the happy recipient the other day and finally Jim got his turn this morning.  For some reason he doesn’t handle his son’s bodily fluids as calmly as one might think.  I was yelled at because I was trying to wipe it off and he said that I was making it touch his skin more.  See the picture.  But one thing that I don’t think either of us were prepared to deal with is projectile poop.  Last night we joined the LPians at Blakney.  Upon our return home for a nighttime snack and hopefully bed, Will clearly had a dirty diaper . . . the smell is unmistakable.  For those of you who don’t know, Jim is very helpful with Will and does just about anything that he needs to.  Changing diapers, however, is still something that isn’t always a solo mission.  Unless I am unavailable for some reason, Jim doesn’t change a diaper by himself.  Instead we tag team.  This is a very efficient way of getting things done, so I am not complaining.  Jim goes in and gets all of the supplies ready, undresses Will, pulls down the soiled diaper, and holds Will’s legs up in the air.  I come in and wipe him clean, apply desitin as we’ve been battling diaper rash, and put on the new diaper.  We make a great diaper team.  Last night, while attempting to change Will’s diaper, I was in the cleaning him off stage when he proceeded to shoot projectile poop out of his butt across the room.  It was not solid poop, as most newborns, it was yellow, seedy, liquid poop.  When he was done, there was a trail of this liquid poop from his butt to the end of the dresser, covering everything in beetween, including me!  There was nothing that either of us could do but stand there and laugh until we cried.  Finally I decided that Jim was just going to continue to hold Will’s legs up in the air while I ran to the bathroom to clean off my hands and arms.  While washing up, I heard Jim scream, “whoa, round 2.”  I dried off and ran back in to see him holding a wipe flush against Will’s butt.  He was afraid to move it for fear that we would see another cannon of poop shoot out.  I tried to quickly strip the mattress pad off so Will wasn’t sitting in poop while Jim took off his soiled clothes.  At this point we still had not put on a new diaper for fear that he wasn’t done.  I had to clean every bottle of ointment and wipes out on the table.  Finally we put on a new diaper and got the mess cleaned up, but you better believe that Will is going to have a bath today!  It is a shame that I was too poop covered to grab the camera.

Our poor son

Our poor son



  1. I can see this so clearly!! I laughed til I cried! Ain’t life grand? Told you it would be an unforgetable journey.

  2. I did so enjoy reading your journal! What a wonderful way to keep memories…..wish we had had this 28 years ago! Keep writing. You have talent!!!!!

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