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To be continued . . .

Well after 19 months of 5 posts per week (except when we were traveling), I did it; I used up all of my space on this blog.  This self-proclaimed momma-razzi  has added too many pictures!  Oops!  Well, I don’t plan on slowing down yet, so I have to change the domain name for a new blog.  You can now find us at known as The World of Will . . . The saga continues.  Hope you’ll check us out there to see what happens to Will from 19 months and beyond.   FYI, if you signed up to get emailed the posts, you have to redo that on the new site as well.  Sorry.

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Daytona “hello”

While we were in our little hotel room in Daytona, Will loved to hide in the closet, play with his food containers, talk on the phone, turn on his cd player, and just about anything else he could get his hands on.   He even reached behind the entertainment center and turned off the power strip, which also turned off the refrigerator.  😦  Bermp!  As soon as we checked in, we realized that we needed to unplug the phone, because it was his instant toy.  He kept practicing his new word, “hello.” 

Here are 2 videos of him playing around right after a nap. 

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Chasing the Ducks!

While we were in Daytona, Will had a blast chasing after the “ducks” . . . better known as birds.  One day while we were out on the beach, we ran into (literally) another family with their 20 month old daughter that were feeding the “ducks.”  The grandfather kept give Will little pieces of bread for him to throw to the “ducks.”  Sometimes he would throw it, sometimes he would hold on to it, sometimes he would throw it and immediately pick it back up before the birds could get it, and most of the time he would eat it himself! 🙂  That is my kid!  hehe! 

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1 year 34 weeks old

Will is 86 weeks old.  This has been another great week.  It took Will a few days to adjust to daylight savings time.  Sunday he slept until 10:30 and ultimately was napping until 8:15pm, so Monday I had to wake him up at 10am, because I had to break the habit.  He still slept in until 10 every day until Thursday, when he finally got back to normal at 9:15.  Trust me, I am not complaining!!!  🙂  Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to sleep in late!  We had rain a couple of days this week, but that wasn’t a bad thing because we had lots of errands to run, so I didn’t feel guilty about missing out on going outside.  We did spend a lot of time in the car.  Will doesn’t mind riding around, which makes it nice. 

Monday night, he did finally get to go on his swingset for the first time.  He loved it!  It is all he wants to do any more.  His favorite part may still be the sandbox though.  He loves to play in the sand . . . and eat some of it.  At one point this week, the whole team was out back, and I had to ask Jim when we became the people with all of the kid junk in the back yard.  Literally everywhere you look is full of kid junk.  Bermp!  But it is all about keeping Will happy and occupied right now.  🙂

Will has been giving out kisses for a long time now, but he is definitely more free with them these days.  He loves to give kisses if you ask.   He also added another word to his repertoire . . . clock.  Will also had another first this week.  I obviously have cut his hair many, many times before, but I always just used some form of scissors.  Saturday morning, Jim was cutting his hair with the clippers, so I decided to trim up Will’s side burns and the nape of his neck.  At first, he wasn’t so keen on it because it felt weird, but he finally let me do it.  It is much faster and easier to get those areas, so I foresee more clippers in the future.

Wednesday was another library day.  This week he got to shake some bells, which he loved.  And as always, the stamp at the end was his favorite part. 

Most of our errands this week revolved around getting ready for our party Saturday.  All day Friday I was working on preparing the food.  Will did really well letting me be in the kitchen all day long.  I did have to turn on Sprout at one point to keep him out from under my feet, but hey, sometimes it is all about survival.  Saturday morning was great because Jim took on the job of doing everything for Will so that I could finish all of the preparations.  It was a lifesaver for me and helped keep me not stressed, which also helps keep me nice! 🙂  hehe.  All of my hard work paid off, because all of the food and drinks turned out great, if I do say so myself.  🙂  We had 34 people over, including kids.  It was great!  Thankfully we have some very good friends that played with Will all night long, so Jim and I could worry more about hosting than parenting.  I think Will had much more fun that way, and I’m pretty sure he got to eat some yummy food that I would have never let him have.  Because we were at our house,  Will did get to go to bed on time.  Unfortunately, he woke up a couple of times crying.  I think he knew that we were still having fun without him, and he didn’t like that at all. All in all, the party lasted about 8 hours and was well worth all of the work!  We will definitely have more . . . maybe just not quite this involved since this one sent us to the poor house. 

Sunday was a slower day for us.  Jim and I were very tired after the late night and had a huge mess to clean up.  Jim was on dish duty, while I was in charge of cleaning.  Thankfully, Will slept in until 10 to help us out, and then napped very well throughout the day.  Honestly, I am so thankful every day that he is our child.  He is such a good sport and so go with the flow (clearly traits that he gets from his father).  He is just such a good little boy, even when he drives us bonkers.  We are a very lucky little team. 

86 weeks old

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Daytona Beach

**There is a lot left to Orlando, but it won’t be up until the end of next week.  You’ll understand why then, but until then, let’s move on to Daytona for a few days.**

After leaving Orlando, we drove the hour to Daytona Beach to stay for the rest of the week.  We were not impressed.  The town looked very run down and like it had seen its better day.  We learned from a local that it never recovered after Hurricane Charlie in 2004, which is pretty sad.  A lot of the restaurant and businesses seemed to be empty, and there were several beach front houses for sale.  We went to our hotel, which was supposed to be a resort with activities.  At check-in, we were told that they didn’t have cribs for use.  What!?!  I thought it was a joke!  They told us that they could give us the name of a rental company.  Too bad it was 5 pm, and I’m sure they were closed.  I was totally appalled!  We could have brought our own pack-in-play had we known.  I asked when making the reservations and was told it would be no problem.  Ultimately, I was so angry, I gave them back all of their information, and we left.  We drove down the street to another place.  It wasn’t quite as nice, but the rooms were big, even though they were just hotel rooms, but most importantly they had cribs to use.  I didn’t care that it wasn’t a resort with activities.  It was on the beach, so that was all we really wanted. 

The beach was nice.  When it was low tide, the beach was huge!  Not to mention it was empty!  There was hardly anyone on it, which made for great fun for Will to be able to just run anywhere and everywhere.  The only major negative of the actual beach was that there were TONS of jelly fish on the sand, which meant that there were even more in the water!  It made me happy that the water was too cold to actually go in.  Will played a lot in the sand and didn’t want to be in his stroller because all he wanted to do was get out and play.  He dug and learned to make sand castles.  Too bad his best skill was destroying sand castles. 

We did find a fantastic local place to eat . . . Charlie Horse.  If you do go to Daytona, it is a must eat!  It was excellent food for reasonable prices and is right off the main street that runs parallel with the water. 

Here are some videos of Will playing in the sand and running around.

jelly fish were everywhere!


On the way to dinner


Off for a morning stroll


Will loves to play in the sand


Helping daddy push the stroller


Time to chase the ducks


Nooooo! I'm not ready to go back! This is too much fun!


Daddy, I'm telling you something very important. Are you listening?


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Magic Kingdom

Our second day in Orlando, Will and I got up early to head to Magic Kingdom.  We had so much fun!  It was totally sensory overload, but really cool.  Will didn’t appreciate anything really “Disney” because at that point, he didn’t really watch any tv.  But he loved all of the rides and play areas.  We saw 2 parades and fireworks at night.  We rode a train around the park, which may have been Will’s favorite part.  I refused to wait in any really long lines since Will doesn’t know the difference, but we saw Pirate Goofy, and there were only a few people in line, so we decided to go see him.  I’m glad I didn’t wait long because Will hated him!  While we were in line, he was reaching out trying to get him to hold him, but as soon as we got up there, he cried.  He loved going on most of the rides, but was not a big fan of being in the complete dark.  A couple of the rides would take you through a dark tunnel, and he would cry.  We were there from open to close and really did have a good time.  It was a long day for both of us, but a really fun day!

Will joined in the parade dancing

Riding the teacups

Playing in Donald Duck's boat

Toon Town fun

Having tons of fun!

On the train through the park

Ready for the 3D movie

We were there all day, which means no naps . . . Will couldn't handle it

He loved going on the rides

Such a fun day

So much fun stuff to play with everywhere

"Hurry up mom! This is going to be fun!"

"Mom, seriously, stop taking so many pictures of me! I'm over it!"

Pirate Goofy

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And the fun begins in Orlando

We survived our 10 hour trip to Orlando.  Will did a great job on the trip!  Thank goodness!!  The first couple of days there Will and I were on our own because Jim had a trade show be at.  His schedule was pretty easy though; he didn’t have to be there until about 10:30 and he was back in the hotel no later than 5.  Will and I slept in and got breakfast with Jim, and then he and I went out exploring while Jim was working.  We all met back at the hotel during Will’s second nap and then headed out for dinner.  The first day there, Will and I went to a couple of malls looking for good play areas.  We were really disappointed, so we ended up at Monkey Joe’s.  It was fun.  Later we went and got Jim and went over to the Peabody to watch the duck march.  Will was into it; too bad it only lasted 3 minutes.  🙂  After dinner, we went back to the hotel for bath time.  Clearly Will was nice and relaxed because he managed to poop in the bathtub.  😦  Thankfully it was the first time it ever happened.

Loved his baths because he didn't have to sit in a seat

Ready to play

So much fun!

Loves the slides

The cars were his favorite

The duck march at the Peabody

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Love the warm weather

The weather has been unusually warm for February, and we have been loving it.  Will loves to be outside, so we are spending time every day at the park in our new neighborhood and playing in the back yard.  There wasn’t a lot for Will to do in the back yard, so we had to go get sand for his sandbox.  He loves to dig in the sand.  We also filled up his water table.  I found another bike on craigslist.  This one can be used like a rocking horse or a big wheel with or without the ability for us to push him.  For now, we decided to set it up like a rocking horse until he gets a little bit bigger.  He was having so much fun playing outside that I actually got to sit in the Adirondack chair and read a magazine.  It was great!  (even though I only made it about 15 pages into the magazine; that is a lot further than I’ve ever gotten before.)  Will loves his “new” stuff.  Now we just need a swing set. 

Digging in the gutter


Playing in the sand box

Fun in the water table

riding his new bike/rocker

He loves to be King of the Castle!

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1 year, 33 weeks old

Will is 85 weeks old.  As usual, we spent lots of time at the park this week. We had several rainy days, so we also spent lots of time in the house.  It was kind of a nice change of pace.  The weather has been so beautiful, that we don’t play inside too much anymore, so it was nice for me to get some things done while he played with his toys. 

Wednesday, we went back to the library for story time.  He had a good time dancing and shaking some maracas.  Too bad his favorite part of the whole thing is the stamp he gets on his hand at the end.  🙂  Later that day we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner, and then he had his first train ride.  We rode the train to uptown.  He LOVED it!  Totally worth the $7.  We went to the Bobcats vs. Bulls game.  This means that he has officially been to the top 4 professional sporting events (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey).  He did a pretty good job while we were there.  There were too girls in their 20s behind us that kept him pretty entertained.  We were too high up for him to really watch or get into the game, so it was more about the atmosphere for him. 

Well it didn’t take long for time outs to be a normal part of our day.  Tuesday Will was in time out 4 times.  The first 2 times were for taking his broom handle and holding it up and hitting all of the pictures on the wall with it.  The second 2 times were for climbing on the office counter.  He pretty much has at least 1 time in timeout every day.  He is staying in there for the full 90 seconds now.  I have to stand close by because if he can’t see me, he will get up and run away. 

Friday night, we went to our old neighbors house for dinner.  It was nice to see them again.  They have 3 boys, 8 year-old twins and a 6 year-old, and 2 dogs.  Needless to say, Will was in heaven at their house.  All the balls and trucks a boy could ever ask for!  We had a terrific dinner and wonderful company!  We do miss them.  When we left, we headed over to David’s because the rest of the LP crew was hanging out.  It was nice to see them again too.  Will had 2 more dogs to play with and a fish tank to look at.  He is definitely an animal lover!  At about 11:30, Will started to melt down a little . . . completely understandable, so we headed home.  It was a great night! 

Saturday, Will did wake up with a little rash on his face and stomach, so we think he had a reaction to the shrimp he had at dinner the night before. 😦  It is a shame, because he loved the shrimp as much as we do!

We spent the weekend putting together his new swing set.  Hopefully he loves it after the 9 hours it took 4 guys on Saturday and the 5 hours it took Jim and I on Sunday.  Ugh!!  It was dark before it was all together, so he hasn’t gotten to actually play on it yet.  In between his 2 naps, we had to go to Lowes to get some more supplies, and Jim showed it to him through the window.  As soon as he saw it, he went, “oh!” with a big smile on his face.  So hopefully that is a good sign. 

85 weeks old

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New Bike

As the weather gets warmer, we are spending lots of time outside.  I wanted to get Will a little bike that he could ride.  I found one on craigslist, so Jim and I went to pick it up the other night.  We let Will ride it around the house before it became and “outside toy.”  He loves it, but it is a good thing that we got it for cheap, because the first night, he broke the basket off of the front.  It doesn’t stop him from carrying the basket around anyway.  The bike is a huge hit!

loves his new bike

quickly mastered his balance

How did the basket fall off?!?

No worries; I can carry the basket with me while I ride.

He likes to stand on the wheels

Standing on the wheels does not always end well. 😦

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